To check current Technical Class Enrollment Summary 6.24.16

If you or one of your instructors were enrolled in one of the canceled classes
Hotel rooms
  • If you need a hotel room or have an extra hotel room contact Denise Jenkins djenkins@electricaltrainingalliance.org or 301-715-2344.


Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas will be congested on Friday, Saturday & Sunday due to individuals (110,000) coming into the area for the scheduled ICC soccer match between Chelsea and Real Madrid at 3:00 pm on Saturday at the Michigan Stadium. This will impact travel time around the area, restaurants and local parking.

  • Tailgating will begin around 10am on Saturday around the Michigan Stadium area
  • Soccer game begins at 3pm
  • Anticipated ending time will be 5pm
  • Make your restaurant reservations NOW
  • Prepare yourself for extra travel time in the area
  • Consider Ypsilanti or Saline for restaurant choices