Each of the 4 years of I Group consists of two courses. Follow the links for further information, and required Pre-NTI Assignments.

First Year Classes

Course 10: Principles of Learning
Course 11:  Elements of Trade Teaching


Second Year Classes

Course 20: Designing, Developing, and Delivering Instruction
Course 21:  Introduction to Instructional Technology


Third Year Classes

Course 30: Performance Evaluation
Course 32: Teaching and Managing in a Technical Laboratory


Fourth Year Classes

Course 41: Discussion Methods
Course 42: Creating an Active Training Environment


Advanced Studies Professional Education Training

Course 65: Advances in Electrical Training
Course 71: Innovative and Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) in Electrical Apprenticeship Training
Course 75: Advanced Teaching Skills Using Blended Learning
Course 80: Applied Experiences in Electrical Training