Advanced Studies Program Information


Welcome back to the National Training Institute!

The Advanced Studies Program is designed for individuals who have completed the 4-year instructor training program to address the need for training in­dividuals through more in-depth instruction in specific subject areas. Click Here for Detailed Information.


Design of the Advanced Studies Program

In order to complete the Advanced Studies Program and graduate as an Electrical Training ALLIANCE Instructional Specialist, participants must satisfactorily complete three Advanced Studies courses. Click Here for Detailed Information.


Completion of the Program

Upon successful completion of the three courses, participants will graduate from the National Training Institute Advanced Studies Program. Click Here for Detailed Information.


Which Course Should I Sign Up For?

Recognizing that many participants have taken one or more Advanced Studies courses in the past, procedures have been established to facilitate the completion and graduation of these participants if they so choose. Click Here for Detailed Information.


Advanced Studies courses to be offered at the National Training Institute include:

Class Attendance

Participants are expected to fully participate in all required sessions and activities from the first class meeting on Sunday morning through the final class meeting on Friday afternoon.  Do not make flight arrangements before 5:00 PM.  YOU WILL NOT GET CREDIT IF YOU LEAVE BEFORE 3:00 PM FRIDAY. 


Laptops are Required

ALL Advanced Studies Participants MUST bring a laptop to NTI.  The course material will be on the electrical training ALLIANCE’s LMS (Learning Management System).   A laptop will be necessary to do class work and activities during the week. There will NOT be any printed workbooks for this course.