T Group

The T Group is for participants who will only be taking technical training courses. There are many different technical courses offered at NTI. You can select two 100 Level (half day) Courses OR one 200 Level (all day) Course for the standard NTI registration fee. 300 Level Technical Courses are offered before NTI and do not interfere with other training classes. All participants may register for 300 Level Courses. There are additional fees for 300 Level Courses.


“How to Teach” Courses

“How to Teach” courses are all based on teaching electrical training ALLIANCE Curriculum. They may not cover the theory or knowledge of the topic, only how to present the subject matter in a classroom setting.

Normal Technical Courses cover the theory and knowledge of the topic being taught. These courses will help you in the classroom as far as the knowledge of a topic, but will not provide teaching skills or tips. These courses are typically taught by manufacturers or their representatives. Some will incorporate apprenticeship curriculum, but most will not.


Technical Levels

100 Level Courses

  • 100 Level Courses meet for half days.

200 Level Courses

  • 200 Level Courses meet for full days.

300 Level Courses

  • 300 Level Courses vary in length and are scheduled before the main week of NTI classes.


Prerequisites for OSHA Classes


Technical Class Enrollment Numbers

Click Here for the most current Technical Class enrollment numbers.  This list includes cancelled Technical Classes.


Evening Technical Classes

During NTI, several electrical training ALLIANCE Training Partners are excited to offer Evening Training Sessions.  The sessions are scheduled for Tuesday, July 30, 2019 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.  All sessions will be held in North Quad.