C Group is for JATC Committee Members, Local Union and Chapter Officers, and all Training Directors. The format for C Group is a combination of general session presentations and small group breakout sessions where you choose your own area of interest.

SC Group is an abbreviated part of C Group. Participants in this group follow the C Group Agenda. SC Participants will attend activities on Sunday and C Group Sessions on Monday and Tuesday or activities on Wednesday and C Group Sessions Thursday and Friday. SC group is intended for those individuals that cannot attend the entire week of NTI, but still recognize the importance of C Group Sessions.



Additional Information

This year C / SC Group will again be on campus at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The C / SC Group program should be the most comprehensive meeting of apprenticeship and training matters ever offered. Every JATC should be represented by management and labor and no Training Director should miss NTI - particularly the C / SC Group sessions. Keep checking back for the detailed C / SC Group schedule.

Committee Members or Training Directors who want to attend some C Group sessions and a 100 Level Technical Course may do so. To do so you must register as a T Group participant. You will have the option of selecting 100 Level Technical Sessions. Select T-185 (C-Group Session w/ Technical Course) along with the Technical Course of your choice. By choosing this option, you WILL miss some C Group presentations. You will be charged the Technical Group (T-Group) Rate.

As you know, we have made a quantum leap in the way we distribute C / SC Group presenter information. It has been a tremendous success and we will continue to go paperless in Michigan.

Around the middle of July, we will have C / SC Group presentations posted on the NTI website for you to download. Connectivity to the internet in the classrooms will be hit or miss. Once again, please be sure to download the files before you arrive on campus.





The C / SC Group will meet on Central Campus of the University of Michigan.


2018 Agenda

Click here for the Draft C / SC Agenda.