O Group

“O Group” will continue this year at NTI. This program was developed specifically for those associated with the outside line construction or utility industry. The program presentations will focus on topics that individuals working in this sector of the electrical industry will find of interest. The “O Group” is for Outside Line Contractors, Business Managers, Chapter Managers, Training Directors, Instructors, Program Administrators and anyone else interested in today’s Outside Industry. Potential topics will include OSHA T&D Partnership, Outside Training Initiatives, Supervision Training, Outside Training/Employment Opportunities to name a few. This program is guaranteed to give you a better understanding of the opportunities available in the Outside Industry, and what the Electrical Training ALLIANCE is doing to help prepare the workforce to meet the growing demands of this sector of the electrical industry. “O Group” participants are encouraged to attend the Trade Show on Saturday and the Opening Ceremony/Welcome Reception on Sunday. “O Group” sessions will be Sunday afternoon and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Morning. This will enable participants to attend the C Group (T-185) or a 100 Level Technical Course each afternoon. 


The O Group will meet on Central Campus of the University of Michigan.


2018 Agenda

Click here for the 2018 O Group Agenda.

(Updated 7/24/2018)


Please click on the link(s) for the surveys for the O Group Sessions.  Please go to the C Group page to evaluate any sessions attended at C Group.

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