Outstanding Apprentice Graduate Group

The OA Group is for Outstanding Apprentice Graduates, Entry Level Employees, or individuals that have been identified as a future leader within your organization.  This 40-hour program runs Sunday through Friday and features team building, leadership development, estimating, negotiations and the structure of the IBEW/NECA.

Stop by the Outstanding Apprentice Graduate Registration Counter at the NTI Trade Show on Saturday or early Sunday to check-in and receive your registration packet.  At this time, your instructors, Jay Jones and Gary Buresh will review information with you to assist you with your NTI Training.  A mandatory class on Sunday, July 30 at 8:30 am Eastern Michigan University Convocation Center (where the Trade Show is held).

Lodging for the Outstanding Apprentice Graduate is included in the NTI Fee.  To make lodging arrangements, contact Denise Jenkins by phone at (301) 715-2344 or djenkins@electricaltrainingalliance.org.

Should any JATC that would like to register their Outstanding Apprentice Graduate for a Technical Group (T Group) and/or Instructor Group (I Group) may do so and these individuals will still be recognized at the Sunday Opening Ceremony. Please contact Tim Strickland at 301-715-2347 or tims@electricaltrainingalliance.org to make these arrangements.

ALL Outstanding Apprentices will be required to wear a Dress Shirt, Tie, Khakis and Dress Shoes on Sunday evening during the Opening Ceremony. If they do not meet this requirement, they will NOT be permitted to participate in the Sunday Opening Ceremony.

OA Graduate Agenda

Ropes Course Medical Release Form

Please return release form by email to djenkins@electricaltrainingalliance.org
or fax 865-380-9795


Important Graduation Information in the
OA Graduate Letter

OA Graduate Letter

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