I Group

The National Training Institute was started in 1990 and was known as the “Instructor Training Institute.” The initial purpose of the Instructor Training Institute was to professionally train instructors teaching IBEW Apprentices and Journeymen.

The instructor training program employs Professional Educators from different colleges and universities throughout the United States. The I Group classes are called Professional Education classes because of the format and educators used to deliver the training.

There are four years of instructor training groups. If you are an instructor and have never attended the National Training Institute or have no professional education experience, you MUST register as a First Year “I Group” participant. All other “I Groups” are taken in consecutive order. For example, First and Second Year “I Group” are the prerequisites for Third Year “I Group”. Third and Fourth Year “I Group” participants need to register for one (1) 100 Level Technical Course. First and Second Year “I Group” participants DO NOT attend Technical Training Courses.

If you have taken all four years of the Instructor Training Program and would like to continue training in the I Group, NTI offers a three year Advanced Studies Professional Education program.


T Group

Training4The T Group is for participants who will only be taking technical training courses. There are many different technical courses offered at NTI. You can select two 100 Level (half day) Courses OR one 200 Level (all day) Course for the standard NTI registration fee. 300 Level Technical Courses are offered before NTI and do not interfere with other training classes. All participants may register for 300 Level Courses. There are additional fees for 300 Level Courses.

“How to Teach” courses are all based on teaching NJATC Curriculum. They may not cover the theory or knowledge of the topic, only how to present the subject matter in a classroom setting.

Normal Technical Courses cover the theory and knowledge of the topic being taught. These courses will help you in the classroom as far as the knowledge of a topic but will not provide teaching skills or tips. These courses are typically taught by manufacturers or their representatives. Some will incorporate apprenticeship curriculum but most will not.


C/SC Group

Training5“C Group” is for JATC Committee Members, Local Union and Chapter Officers, and all Training Directors. The format for “C Group” is a combination of general session presentations and small group breakout sessions where you choose your own area of interest.

“SC Group” is an abbreviated part of “C Group”. “SC Group” participants can attend the Trade Show and the Welcome Reception on Sunday and “C Group” sessions on Monday and Tuesday. “SC Group” is intended for those individuals who cannot attend the entire week of NTI, but still recognize the importance of the “C Group” seminars and sessions.

This year’s “C/SC Group” will again be on campus at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. This year’s “C/SC Group” program should be the most comprehensive meeting of apprenticeship and training matters ever offered. Every JATC should be represented by management and labor and no Training Director should miss NTI - particularly the “C Group” sessions. Keep checking back for the detailed “C/SC Group” schedule.

Committee Members or Training Directors who want to attend some “C Group” sessions and a 100 Level Technical Course may do so. To do so you must register as a “C Group” participant. You will have the option of selecting a 100 Level Technical Session. By choosing this option, you WILL miss some “C Group” presentations. You will be required to add $175.00 to your “C Group” fee in order to register for a Technical Course.

As you know, we have made a quantum leap in the way we distribute “C/SC Group” presenter information. It has been a tremendous success and we will continue to go paperless in Michigan.

Around the middle of July, we will have “C/SC Group” presentations posted on the NTI website for you to download. We will also make provisions for you to be able to stop by our on-campus “C/SC Group” office to download the files. Connectivity to the internet in the classrooms will be hit or miss. Once again, please be sure to download the files before you arrive on campus.


O Group

Training1“O Group” will continue this year at NTI. This program was developed specifically for those associated with the outside line construction or utility industry. The program presentations will focus on topics that individuals working in this sector of the electrical industry will find of interest. The “O Group” is for Outside Line Contractors, Business Managers, Chapter Managers, Training Directors, Instructors, Program Administrators and anyone else interested in today’s Outside Industry. Potential topics will include OSHA T&D Partnership, Outside Training Initiatives, Supervision Training, and Outside Training/Employment Opportunities to name a few. This program is guaranteed to give you a better understanding of the opportunities available in the Outside Industry, and what the NJATC is doing to help prepare the workforce to meet the growing demands of this sector of the electrical industry. “O Group” participants are encouraged to attend the Trade Show on Saturday and the Opening Ceremony/Welcome Reception on Sunday. “O Group” sessions will be Sunday afternoon and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Morning. This will enable participants to attend the C-Group or a 100 Level Technical Course each afternoon. If you choose a 100 Level Technical Course, you will be required to add $175.00 to your "O Group" Fee in order to register for a Technical Course.


OA Group

“OA Group” is a program for Outstanding Apprentice Graduates. Outstanding Apprentices will be recognized individually during the Opening Ceremony of NTI. They will each be presented with an Outstanding Achievement Certificate as well as gifts from some of the NJATC Platinum Award winning Training Partners. Individuals enrolled in this program will now be in this program for 40 Hours without a Technical class. In the event you have an Outstanding Apprentice who needs to take a specific Technical Course we will enroll him/her in the T-Group with the preferred technical course but will recognize them with the other OAs on Sunday Evening.