The National Training Institute Professional Education (I-Group) Vision:

To prepare JATC & AJATC instructors to be the best that they can be through high-quality training, connecting activities, and through the support of professional education faculty.


Professional Element

The “professional element” of the I Group is based on several core components:

  • The 4-year program is the major emphasis and focal point of the electrical training ALLIANCE's National Training Institute at the University of Michigan.
  • The Professional Sequence begins with basic “foundation” courses and each ensuing year’s offering should build upon previous learning.
  • The program will include courses which are relevant to all participants and which relate to the particular teaching assignments and settings of JATC/AJATC instructors.
  • The Advanced Studies program offers NTI graduates and other qualified individuals the opportunity to seek advanced skills and knowledge related to the improvement of technical training.


ALL Participants MUST bring a laptop to NTI.

  • All courses will be on the LMS.


First Year I-Group will meet ALL DAY on Wednesday 8/1 from 7:30am - 5:00pm.  


I Group Courses and Information

Portfolio Assignments

(These are mandatory for all I-Group participants)

Important Reminders

Graduate Letter

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